Vision, Mission and Objectives

CONFLICT RESOLUTION. We believe that with the super highway of information speeding at all times, the public is saturated with information but searching for wisdom and inspiration. Our landing space will inspire, provide clarity, and help our visitors feel a sense of purpose and confidence to go forward in this new world. We want to help you utilize messaging as a tangible tool to improve relationships and conversations with those in your life with whom you both agree and disagree. We want you on solid ground.

Our work is vital. We do not merely point out the successes and failures of our communities in a surreal, unreachable manner. We engage on the ground. We research, observe and write on how global and national movements organize and clash on the local level. Change is happening and small towns and cities are targeted towards a reorganization of the American way of life. Movements and power grabs are happening before the general public realizes who are in charge and what is their agenda. Americans are seeing their cities swiftly change right before their eyes. How is this happening? We at The Centrist Project have those answers, and we are here to help you, the citizen, mobilize in targeted ways to be more effective in your community to preserve what is good and to expose what is wrong.

We believe the public is overwhelmed with a dishonest media and weaponized messaging that is effectively causing enormous conflict among civilians. If we are indeed in a war of words, our words and our language skills are crucial to achieving unity and common ground through a goal of conflict resolution. People want to share their opinions, and preserve their rights and liberty. We at The Centrist Project understand that in a war, tactical strategies are necessary for success. We dig deep for accurate information and engage with some of the brightest minds, established and experienced experts, and analysts to bring to you formidable tactics and strategies. This is a core principle of our Mission.

EXTREMISM is at the forefront of the political and cultural conversation. Our politicians and news correspondents engage in daily finger pointing and conflicting narratives using dangerous words like racism, the radical left, and right wing extremism. These weaponized narratives are now rooted in our schools, entertainment, and even in street corner signage that effectively blankets our communities in a shroud of influence. Powerful groups have emerged to subvert long established institutions, systems, and foundations to the extent that most citizens can hardly avoid. Our Nation’s Capitol is surrounded in barbed wire, soldiers, and fencing. We are walking through chaos and confusion. Historical events are happening every moment.

From the pocket book to the church, from the boardroom to the bedroom, from healthcare to education, citizens find themselves having to defend their views, their jobs, their very existence. They are afraid, conforming, and their voices silenced. Far too many are looking the other way and being dismissive of dangerous groups as if there is no threat or that it will simply just go away. Many fail to engage in simple conversation of the absolute reality of their own lives. Amazing and brave parents with small children and businesses face exceedingly hard times and are forced to into intense confrontations.

We see history repeating itself through enforcement of aggressive policies utilizing technology, media, and corporate influence. This zeitgeist permeates our collective consciousness every day. Our Mission is to not only point out the wrong think, but to inspire you to engage in a way that is effective. Bravery. We believe in it.