The Centrist Project was founded on the belief that America is worth fighting for.

At a time when critical American institutions are in rapid decline, our organization is working hard to help rebuild this fractured landscape. We make change happen through constructive, thoughtful and relevant cultural dialogue realized through strategic content, media, events, education, and research. Centrism is about common sense solutions. Please visit our other pages for our core ideas, our Mission, and our strategies. Welcome to The Centrist Project. 

“Let every nation know, whether it wishes us well or ill, that we shall pay any price, bear any burden, meet any hardship, support any friend, oppose any foe in order to assure the survival and the success of liberty.”

— John F. Kennedy


Our mission is to facilitate and promote productive bi-partisan collaboration.


We dedicate 1/4th of all of our donations to research. We analyze and expose disinformation, bias, power plays, and oppositional hit media. We investigate to expose corruption and criminality in governments, groups, individuals, and politicians that produce regressive policies and exhibit overreaching control to the detriment of society. We expose destructive campaigns, wrong think, extremism, fraud, and indoctrination that leads the public towards a more totalitarian system of submission and oppression. We collect data, conduct analysis and observations, studies and research, and publish our findings. We provide useful information and in-depth reports that individuals, thought leaders, media content producers and citizen groups can utilize for their own messaging and strategy application on the local level. 


We are dedicated to the preservation of journalistic integrity and American values.  We are devoted to combating the rise of disinformation, and weaponized narratives that drive subversive agendas. Through our platform and media content we promote reason and provide research, facts, and analysis on issues mainstream media neither cover nor accurately and fully present. We fill the void in the biased news and information gaps with responsible, digestible journalism, powerful data and potent media content that serves all ages and brings the public back into the relevant conversations.


Our publishing goals are big!  We have opportunities for creative entrepreneurs and growth campaign architects who build alternative technology, content strategies, eco systems and more. If you are a creative producer, we want to know you!  


Real change develops from the ground up and establishing positive and trust-based community relationships across ideological divides is of the utmost importance. We know that successful outcomes towards the preservation of freedom and liberty are achieved with tactical strategies and initiatives that work.  We understand that coalitions are formed through strong relationships.  Our messaging and our mission is to promote diplomacy, free speech, real discussion, and language skills that achieve conflict resolution and common ground across the divide. We believe that reducing wrong think, overcoming indoctrination and regressive ideologies directly impacts civility and public safety. We promote lawful and safe societies by engaging citizens in ideas and tactics that promote individual responsibility to resolve division and ignorance in their communities. We do this through educational events, video, social media content, seminars, think tanks, podcasting, and the distribution of literature.  


We are change makers who know there is a better way.

The Centrist Project

Lauren Comele Morris

Founder & CEO

Investigative Journalist & Writer, Audio Forensic Analyst, Music Producer

Marvina Case


Author and Philanthropist, IOT Technology Analyst

Charles Ferguson


Business & Finance


Are you a writer, researcher or creative objecting to what the media & politics have become?

If you are looking to do work that has an impact on culture and promotes America, we should talk.